Get rich quick! Profits now! Get in and get out!  Not here.

Patience and trading on longer TimeFrames will make traders out of gamblers. Our team focus our trade entry signals on the DAY charts. What does that mean ? In the terms of the general Forex market it is a pretty long TimeFrame.

You will notice along the top of your trading platform the buttons M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D, W, M   This allows you to change the TimeFrame in which to display the candles.   The shorter TimeFrames generate a lot of noise and it is difficult to see longer term trends.   Using the longer the TimeFrame allows you to ignore some of the noise and make a better entry decision  

M1 = 1 Minute Candles M30 = 30 Minute Candles D = 1 Day Candles
M5 = 5 Minute Candles H1 = 1 Hour Candles W = 1 Week Candles
M15 = 15 Minute Candles H4 = 4 Hour Candles M = 1 Month Candles

If you are looking for 3 or 5 PIPS in 30 mins or less then our tools are not for you.  The only thing we want in 30 mins or less is a hot  pizza.

A M30 chart will have candles that each represent 30 Minutes of time.  Candles build on each other from the lower time frames up to the larger time frames.   5 Candles on the 1 Minute Chart group together to build a single 5 Minute Candle.   3 Candles on the 5 Minute Chart group together to build a single 15 Minute Candle. 

We watch the DAY chart for our major signals.   When we are getting close to taking a trade we turn to the H4 chart for confirmation of our potential trade decision.   There is no sence in opening a long position if the H4 chart for the Pair is going down.   Patience will allow us to take the trade on its way back up.  As a part of the evaluation we also look at the WEEK chart to see if our longer term goals can be realized.

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