Configure MT4

After you get MT4 up and running you need to configure it to connect to the pricing server and see prices.   If you start MT4 you can look in the upper left where they have a window with a handful of pairs and their prices.  You should see the time move and the prices update if your Platform is connected with the server

If it is not connected then click on the No Connection in the lower right and enter your credentials again.  Make sure you choose the Demo server.   If you still have problems you may have to contact IBFX.Com for an issue realated specific to your computer.

Lets open up a chart and get some prices.   Click on the Green Plus sign in the upper left of the screen.  Choose Forex and EURUSD.

The standard chart for IBFX should look something like the following.  Color schemes are a personal preference.  If you don't have a preference we suggest setting your screen up with custom colors.

Right click in the middle of the screen and then normal click on Properties

Change the colors to match the following

When you come back to the pricing screen it should look like the following.   Here Green is a price going up and Red is a price going down.

We want to add some indicators to your screen.   We will repeat this process 4 times to add 4 Moving Averages to the screen.  On the left side of your screen you should see the Navigator.  Click on Indicators to expand it and then click on Moving Average.

Add the 5 Period Moving average.   Use the parameters you see below.

The 50 is much like the 5 except we make the line one size thicker.

When we go to the 12 moving average we will use a Red line that is the same size as the 5.

For the 100 Moving Average, keep the color red but go back to the thicker line like the 50.

Before doing anything else we want to save this color scheme with moving averages as a Template.   By saving it as a Template you can quickly recall and update the colors and add the moving averages with one click.   For now right click,  Template,  Save Template.

We suggest saving it as  5 12 50 100.

Your screen should now look like the following.   Do you see some interesting things happening here on the screen?

I will label them for easier reference.   You will hear us talk about the Creek and the River alot in our trading discussions.   That River Cross happens to be a signal we are particularly interested in.

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