Open Demo Account

There are many brokers to choose from. We will show how to setup a demo account at IBFX. IBFX allows you an unlimited time to use your demo account a feature we like.

Go to

To download the MT4 Platform click on Platform and Download MT4 choose the Desktop Version

Do not enter any information.  Just press Download

At the bottom of the page it should ask you to run the program being downloaded.   This will install the Platform.   If you have trouble downloading the application you may have to put the site in your trusted sites list.

Once the application starts you create a demo account by clicking on File / Open An Account.   There are two types of accounts, a Standard Account and a Mini Account.   You also have the ability to choose the amount of "demo" funds to put into the account.  You should set your demo account up much like your real account to mimic how you are going to trade.   This means for most small investors you will want to choose:

Account Type = MINI
Depost Amount = $3000

It should show the following trading servers.  IBFX uses several different servers for pricing and order execution.   Make sure if you are using a demo account that you are also using a demo server.   If not it will appear to connect but no prices will update.

When complete you should see a screen like the one below.  Write down your Login Id and your Password.   You also have an Investor Password.    Lets say you want to show your friend all your great trades.  They can download the MT4 Application and connect with your Account number and the Investor Password.   They can see your trades but can not modify any orders or take any new orders.

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